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iXsens - high quality and comfort in use!

The technology takes great strides forward, and today there is a plenty of devices reproducing hand movements. Joysticks and panels control the equipment remotely. NFC chips are frequently used in charge cards and pass bracelets. Fitness trackers have become very popular because of their functionality and variety. The equipment with sensors on suckers is used in medicine and sports to get data on physical qualification. But it is rather cumbrous or highly specialized. We offer a device that can replace all the above-mentioned equipment, a compact waterproof glove iXsens. Except a fitness tracker, the NFC chip and the possibility to connect additional external sensors the glove allows taking readings of finger bending and space position of hands.

Just imagine what opportunities the iXsens glove offers! You can play any games including VR, control the potential of your smartphone with only one gesture. You can be the director of your own performance with the glove: control everything you can connect with receiver or Bluetooth module – the lighting and floodlights, DJ station, smart house systems and much more.

Using two gloves you can synchronize them. Each of them will perform its own functions set by the user. You can control a drone or a robot remotely, meanwhile adjusting vision angle of a camera.

Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies develop rapidly, and soon we will be able to control the personage swiftly and comfortably and to use gestures in the games. Our device can easily manage the tasks. No matter what platform you use – PC, Xbox, PlayStation, you’ll be able to play your favourite game with your friends using your hands only!

The glove has an interface for connecting external devices and sensors. It is possible to connect pulse rate sensors, encephalogram sensors and any desired equipment.

Unlike analogues, our glove is compact, you can wear it every day and find pleasure using it. iXsens is thin and light, it can be used in summer as well as in winter with another glove on it.

Here are the benefits of the device which distinguish it from the others!

Application of the iXsens glove gives great opportunities in different parts of our life.

Entertainment business

  • Using instead of a mouse or multi-touch sensor screen;
  • Manipulating a personage in virtual or augmented reality;
  • Quick operations and access to the system menu with gestures;
  • Typing with gestures;
  • Remote manipulating the equipment (models, robots, drones);
  • Smart house, smart TV systems, play stations, computers, smartphones and other devices control;
  • Playing virtual instruments;
  • Using built-in vibration motor as an alarm clock, birthday reminders, etc.;
  • Tracking physical condition of a player (vibration signal at deviance from a norm);
  • Parent control (it is possible to set a period of time).

Teaching programmes

Using augmented reality technologies and the gloves gives opportunity to study structures and examine mechanisms. A vibration motor prompts if there is a mistake.



Different equipment, manipulators and loaders is controlled by one person who switches over to others with remote gestures.

iXsens presents an intelligent approach to data processing, informational value and control within one gesture!


The iXsens glove can be used in workout rooms to get physical data and to draw graphics. An instructor gets real time data and watches the physical condition of the athletes, the performing of the exercises and draws attention of an athlete if needed by tapping the button on his tab, and the built-in vibration motor tells the sportsman that something is wrong.

The space position of the hand and finger bending allow the programme understand what exercise a sportsman does. The data are transferred into a processing server or a smartphone, after that it is displayed on the coach’s tab in graphics or numerical information. You can weigh before and after the exercises and input the results into the application. The programme can analyze the exercises with greater effect, make recommendations and predict weight changes.

The glove can be used together with other fitness gloves. The glove being waterproof, you can use it in swimming pools.



  • Using by handicapped people;
  • Transferring gestures to the printed text and oral speech;
  • Connection of different external sensors (e.g. to get an encephalogram).

iXsens - expand your opportunities!

Technical features of the device:

  • Bluetooth module;
  • Space orientation sensors and bending sensors;
  • Pulse rate sensors, temperature and pressure sensors;
  • NFC mark;
  • Vibration motor;
  • 5-pin socket to connect the external devices and sensors, power supply from the glove can be used;
  • Windows, Linux, Android, IOS support.

Package contents:

  • The glove
  • Thin silicon braided cable for connection to the external devices and sensors;
  • Gift box.


Software is free, you can download it from the producer’s web site, Googleplay and AppStore. Free distribution.

A field-specific software (client-server) for sports use in specialized organizations is distributed on a commercial basis.

Demo Software

Old version for Android

 New version

For Android(animated version)
The animation is correctly supported in 5 and higher versions of Android


Example of design on hand

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The ease of use and
multi-functionality of iXsens

Design gloves

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This glove is rather light-weight
and slight, so you can put it on over
the other glove whatever the weather.


At the moment, the production design of the prototype gloves in silicone.

Coming soon, information about the prototype:

  • demonstration of the game mode;
  • management methods;
  • the mode of operation and basic gestures.


It`s the first prototype model on the debug board for testing. iXsens has a motherboard with Bluetooth connection settingand G-sensors. Acceleration indicators fortracking of a bend of a finger are located on the fingers of the glove.Afterwards bending sensors and clicking sensors for responsivity will be addedup, the size of a board is taken a third. This glove has 5-pin cable end for connection of external devices or additional devices.


Project manager

 Georgy Smirnov

Education: Economics and Law Institute
Using C/C++, C#, Delphi
Interests: robotics, program coding

Roboteer Engineer

 Anton Chepelyuk

Education: Moscow State University
A great experience in radio-electronic equipment production, a programming specialist
Interests: built-in Linux-based systems

Roboteer Engineer

 Sergey Solovyov

Education: Moscow State University
A great experience of working with different types of microcontrollers (NXP, FreeScale, TI, Atmel)
Interests: robotics

3D Designer

 Ed Aleksandrov

Education: Elabuga state pedagogical University
Extensive experience in the field of industrial design, program coding
Interests: 3d design and computer graphics


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